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Poshcatcarina by offering realistic prices and convenient tools for sellers and buyers of authentic luxury items, your cash out price will be roughly 50% - 70% of handbags online sale price. Our trust is to make selling easier and offer peace of mind.

At Poshcatcarina your beloved items are always well taken care of. Our global expertise team is here to save you the hassle of advertising around.

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  1. Fill the page below including details of item(s). Designer, model, year of purchase, and some images to
  2. We will email you with TWO ESTIMATES for each item and an acceptance letter within 24 hours.

    Direct Purchase Estimate.To get cash for your item with payment sent within two business days upon receipt and authentication of your item.

    Consignment Estimate.This is your estimated payment after we have sold your item and deducted our consignment service fee.

  3. Print your email and send it to us with your item(s) FREE OF CHARGE using our Royal Mail First Class prepaid label.
  4. Upon receipt of your item(s), our team of experts will try to verify its authenticity and notify you by email with our actual offer. Price quotes are based on condition, brand, popularity of the bag(s), and of course, it must be authentic.

    * If you are not satisfied with our actual offer, we will return the item to you at our expense.

       * Please be sure to only send us authentic items. If we receive an item and it is determined to    

         not be authentic by our in-house experts, it will be returned at the seller's expense.

  5. Your Payments are issued within two business days after we receive and authenticate your item(s).

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"After a consignment company under estimated my handbags, I was recommended by a friend and came across Poshcatcarina. My items were re-estimated by their experts and sold with great success and no complications’’

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