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Poshcatcarina offers preorder service to our beloved customers all over the world. Our Global team of experts will source and provide an answer to your request in short period of time. 


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  1. Fill the page below including details of item(s). Designer, model, size, type(s) of leather, colour of buckles/ chains and some images to
  2. Our team will source it for you through our networks and confirm you by email the availability.
  3. Your item(s) and details requested will be uploaded to Poshcatcarina as soon as we can.
  4. You will be the first to inform and review your beloved item(s) by email.
  5. If you are happy with everything, just follow the same check out and purchase procedures.
  6. Your item(s) will be on the way to you and ready for the seasons.


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"After a consignment company under estimated my handbags, I was recommended by a friend and came across Poshcatcarina. My items were re-estimated by their experts and sold with great success and no complications’’

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